The beautiful Somali cactus on Google images.

Throughout town you see these cactus plants, which grow in a huge prickly clump that seems to sprout up everywhere. I often pass them walking down the dusty side streets in my neighbourhood. They must be quite hardy plants to survive in such sandy soil and with so little water.

Sadly, a lot of them apparently don’t survive – a good portion of the catci are shrivelled up and just about dead, and have gathered a huge amount of trash and plastic bags in the process, making them fauna-come-rubbish-dump. However, when you do come across a cactus plant in good health, it is quite cool looking.

The not-so-beautiful cactus next door.


4 Responses to “Cactus”

  1. i remember as a child eating the cactus fruit and it was not bad at all. it would leave a red stain on your hands and tongue though.

  2. philipbriggs Says:

    If it makes you feel better, no cactus is actually indigenous to Africa, these are invasive exotics that displace species that grow naturally. So sadly they probably do as much lasting ecological damage as plastic bags!

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