Power outages

Not again.

Like many places in Sub-Saharan Africa, unfortunately the power in Hargeisa is not very reliable. We experience power outages on a daily basis.

Many businesses and offices have generators which kick in when the main power supply falters, but our house doesn’t have one as the local institution we work for doesn’t have the money to pay for that stuff. So when the power goes out, we are simply stuck in the dark.

Sometimes the power goes out for only a few minutes before coming back on; other times it stays out for hours; and a few times we have been really unlucky, it is out for a day or more. Especially when the power goes out at night, it makes you appreciate how much our modern lives are made possible by electricity. There is not much you can do in the pitch black with only a couple head-torches.

The best is when I’m talking on Skype or chatting online with someone and my conversation is abruptly interrupted by the power going down. If I’m ever talking with you and don’t say good-bye, you know why.


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