Come pet me.

The other night we were all chilling out in the living room, enjoying the comfort of being indoors while a glorious storm gathered outside (the rainy season has finally arrived!). My housemate was sitting on one of the long  cushions on the floor (a typical piece of “furniture” in a Somali household).

Apparently she felt something on her skirt, looked down, and saw a scorpion crawling over her. At the moment she jumped up and proclaimed this, I was personally very happy to have been located on the sofa, with my feet well away from the floor. I stayed firmly put on the sofa while our other house mate quickly went to get a bowl to trap to scorpion.

Once the scorpion was safefly trapped under the bowl, we all gathered around and debated what was the best way to kill it. The final solution was: one guy gets his shoe ready, and another guy lifts up the bowl at the count of three. It worked, and the guys smashed the scorpion to bits.

I had never seen a scorpion before in my life.  It was not very big, about a couple inches long, and sand-coloured. We were very surprised to see one in our house, because Somali people had told us scorpions didn’t live in the city, but out in the bush / desert.  We suspected that the scorpion took refuge in the house because of the rains.

In any case, I don’t plan to walk around barefoot in the house anymore!


3 Responses to “Scorpions”

  1. Hey Miss, Can you please take pictures of the rain and the landscape. It has been a devastating drought throughout the land especially for our nomadic people. Btw, im looking for a great picture to put on my Fb profile.

  2. oh my god i am in Somaliland and saw one in my bedroom also sand colored, had it put to sleep forever. Do you know what kind of scorpian this is? and is it harmful? since my discovery i heard loads of horror stories.about this little creature also my first time seeing one:)

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