Beats a bowl of cereal.

This traditional Somali breakfast food is a bit weird, although not quite as weird as it looks written down: laxoox. Pronounced “la-hoh” (with the “X” serving as a throaty H in Somali), this pancake-like flat bread makes for a filling breakfast. For 3,500 shillings ($.58), we were each brought 4 pancakes and a cup of super sweet tea.

Laxoox is similar to the Ethiopian bread injera, except that it is smaller and thinner, so that you are served several of them stacked together on a plate like pancakes or crepes. Laxoox is made from wheat flour, yeast, and water; it tastes a tad yeasty and sour like injera, but much less so, especially since it is served sweet, with melted butter or sweet tea poured on top.

Yes, they pour their tea directly on top of the laxoox to sweeten it!  Personally, I preferred to just sprinkle sugar on top.

Laxoox is usually only available at eateries early in the morning, so if you want it, get up in time!  The early bird gets the laxoox.

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