Somali laundromat

Somali washing machine.

I just spent the last two hours doing my laundry. And I’m tired.

Here, doing laundry actually requires exertion, unlike back home in the US, where the only physical effort involved is moving the bundle of wet laundry from the washing machine to the dryer.

I wash my laundry by hand, using two buckets, and then dry it on a clothes line with clothes pins. In some ways, it is refreshing to be able to work outside in the sun, and have the feeling of actually getting something done.

But in other ways, it’s quite annoying, as I essentially have to schedule an entire morning or afternoon to washing two weeks’ worth of laundry (which is practically all of my clothing). Yet, on the bright side, the environmental impact of the old fashioned way is negligible – no electricity is used, and only a small amount of water is wasted.

Somali dryer.

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