Men in skirts

Don't mess with us.

Somaliland is a hell of a long way from Scotland, but there is one thing the two countries have in common – men wear skirts. The Somali answer to the Scottish kilt is the macawis (or ma’awiis), a patterned piece of fabric that is sewn together into a tube and worn as a male sarong.

To put the ma’awiis on, the man steps inside the tube of fabric and pulls it up to his waist. The diameter of the tube is much wider than a man’s waist, so you then fold it to fit in the front, creating a pleat like with an Indian sari.

Once the cloth is folded close to the waist, you then roll the fabric at the waistline (like you might roll down the elastic band on a pair of track pants), thereby securing the waist and also adjusting the length of the fabric depending on your height. So, it’s one size fits all!

Now the only question that remains is… like the Scots, do Somalis go commando?

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