Road rules (or not)

A car filled with 8 children...

Yesterday morning, I was walking with a friend in our neighbourhood to go grab some breakfast. A car drives past on one of the quiet side streets, and a chorus of screaming and giggling children inside ecstatically greet us. Nothing abnormal here so far; we replied to the standard “How are you!” greeting with “Fine.”

We walk a bit further down the street, and notice that the car has done a U-turn and is driving back toward us. As it passes, the children lean out the windows in excitement to greet us again. It’s only that we notice something odd – there is no adult in the car. Behind the wheel is what looks like a 10 year-old boy. And he’s driving around 7 other children. As you do.

After speaking briefly with the children, we asked to take their photo. They posed for the photo, and then the boy did a three-point turn and drove off in the other direction. Welcome to Somaliland.

...including the driver!

4 Responses to “Road rules (or not)”

  1. Haha, this is too bizar! But why not, right? Young boys are send out in the desert with the camels and goats for weeks, so giving them your car keys is apparently not a big thing;-)

  2. i will be there soon it great to see this

    • Katerina Lorentaz Says:

      Really @frank!? When r u going? And r foreigners welcome in somaliland? R there foreigners already there? If the answers yes then I’de love to.visit somaliland!!!:D

      • africagrows Says:

        Foreigners are very welcome; the Somaliland government and people want their country to be internationally recognized and as part of this they are generally very welcoming to international visitors.

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