Butter in a can?

Looking for butter? Check the canned goods section.

It’s funny how some foods – which I would consider to be staples back home – have now become specialty items for me since living here in Somaliland.

Take, for example, butter. I’ve only been able to find one place – a gas station with a mini-market inside – that sells fresh, refrigerated butter (Lurpak brand for $2.50). Really, any shop that even has a refrigerator, less dairy products stocked inside it, is already somewhat fancy.

What is more available (but still hard to come by, and again only for sale at the “nicer” stores) is… canned butter. Yes, you read that correctly. Butter in a can. Butter in a tin. Non-refrigerated, long-life butter. All the way from little old New Zealand.

Surprisingly, it seems to do the trick.

Other items which require a special trip to a nice store include sliced white bread, toilet paper, milk, peanut butter, cereal, jam, and chocolate. So next time you pop round to the corner shop, or swing by the 7-11, keep that in mind. You’re lucky to have butter.

One Response to “Butter in a can?”

  1. Hey Katie, happy belated birthday! I can’t believe you have access to peanut butter in Somaliland. I don’t know where to find pb here in Tunisia. :o(

    On the flip side, we have lots and lots of butter.


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