Somaliland National (Pirated) TV

Looking for a graphic designer? Run.

Since we don’t have a television at our house, and I’m not a big TV watcher, I hadn’t been too exposed to local television. That was until last night, when I went to a hotel to watch the Champions League match (Tottenham Hotspurs versus Real Madrid). And what an experience it was.

Seeing as there is of course no Somaliland TV crew present in Madrid to film the match, what SLNTV ingeniously does is, several minutes before the start of the game, it just starts wholesale pirating the Al Jazeera feed, Arabic commentary and all.

But not only does it rebroadcast the Al Jazeera coverage of the event, it re-brands it as SLNTV coverage by conveniently positioning their own garish logo over the Al Jazeera logo in the upper right-hand corner. And, even more comically, this is clearly done manually by some bloke with a mouse cursor at the start of the match, so you see the SLNTV logo moving on the TV screen to cover the Al Jazeera logo. Now that’s class.

2 Responses to “Somaliland National (Pirated) TV”

  1. Thats whats great about being unrecognized bc no international rule of law concerns you.

  2. loool gotta love it !

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