Camel meat

The Somali Master Chef typically emphasises presentation.

Having lived previously in Tunisia, I am no stranger to camel meat. But to the average person, eating camel probably sounds a bit weird, like eating dolphins or kittens or teddy bears.

Well, around here, there is nothing exceptional about it. If you ask a Somalilander what their country exports, the first (and probably only) answer you will get is “Livestock!”

Livestock herded and raised in Somaliland (including camels, goats, and sheep) are exported – through the port of Berbera on the Gulf of Aden – to countries such as Yemen, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, and the Emirates.

The first night I arrived in Somaliland, I was treated by my co-workers to a delicious camel burger barbecue. Camel meat is very tough, so grinding it into a patty makes it more tender. Now I just need to try drinking camel milk…

One Response to “Camel meat”

  1. I eat lots of camel meat. It’s not tough unless you get it from older animals…I frequently eat fresh camel meat and have made over 20 lbs of smoked camel biltong…We hunt it in the outback of Australia…it’s my favorite meat…I also render the hump fat to make tallow and use it for medicine and cooking oil…I love camel meat !

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