Somaliland visa

Somaliland's answer to a green card.

Today I got my passport  back from the Somaliland Ministry of Immigration, now sporting a new page replete with wonky stamps and biro scrawl.  When I arrived in Somaliland via the Berbera Airport in early March, I was given permission to enter and stay in the Republic of Somaliland for six days.  As I plan to stay for 4.5 months, my employer needed to arrange a longer-term visa for me, and also a visa that would allow me to exit and re-enter the country.  So for 2.5 weeks my passport was in the hands of the Ministry, and now that I have it back I am the official holder of a one-year, multiple entry visa to the unofficial country that is the Republic of Somaliland.  This could take the cake for one of my most exotic stamps in my passport ever…

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