Hideous roundabouts

Even when it was brand new, this sculpture must have been minging.

Hargeisa is an urban planner’s nightmare for a plethora of reasons. It epitomises the word “urban sprawl,” with bits of concrete, metal, and billboard sprouting up like mushrooms in a field without rhyme or reason.

A great example of this is the roundabouts. Or rather, the tendency to throw up one ugly ass piece of junk – in the form of a sculpture, statue, or glorified pole – in the middle of a dusty intersection and thereby turn it into a “roundabout.” (Remember that there are no working traffic lights in Hargeisa.)

Each of these works of public art (in the loosest use of the term) seem to be competing with each other to be uglier than the next. Sometimes I look at them and ask myself, “What on earth were they thinking…?

Post-modern Dahabshiil roundabout.

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