Ridiculous signs

What NOT to bring into the hospital.

Somaliland is full of unintentionally comic signs. Just when I think I’ve seen the most ridiculous sign ever and it couldn’t possibly get any more absurd, I have to whip out my camera again to capture a laugh-out-loud advertisement.

I think the absurdity of many signs and advertisements can be chalked up to a combination of poor English and the vast cultural gulf that seems to exist between Somaliland and the rest of the (normal) world. Sometimes you just have to ask yourself, what the hell were they thinking?

I can’t upload all the photos here, but some of the funnier ones I’ve seen or heard about are: a company called “Shitco,” a pharmacy down the street that sells “Drugs from Europe and other developed countries,” a sign that confusingly states “Human rights are rights for blind people,” and a school which claims to “cross the boundaries of space and time” in providing education.

"Other forms of exploitation" remain ominously undefined.

I was thinking of detaining my child but this sign persuaded me not to.

One Response to “Ridiculous signs”

  1. Ive just stumbled across your website while reading http://thedromomaniac.com/blog/
    Im really look forward to reading this blog !! As a somalilander living in the UK its really interesting to read views of foreigners about Somaliland

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