Ramshackle market shopping

A strong gust of wind would surely blow the market to pieces.

The central market down town is quite a ramshackle affair, but if you want to get (somewhat) fresh fruit and veg, or shop for fabrics and clothing, it’s the place to go. The whole place is a bit shambolic, without much rhyme or reason.

Most of the market “stalls” don’t even amount to that, but rather are nothing more than a wheelbarrow with a piece of wood on top, the goods laid out on display, and a large umbrella propped up to protect them from the sun. Amusingly, the less sophisticated sellers don’t even have a proper umbrella pole or wheel barrow, but rather just sit on the ground and hold up a regular small umbrella with their hand (you can’t get much more basic than that).

My Somali is at this point non-existent, so purchasing items can be a bit of a challenge – first I have to point at what I want (or, worse, mime it if I don’t see it in front of me) and then, because we can’t even communicate prices or numbers to each other, I have to hand over bills one at a time until I’ve paid enough.

Hargeisa central market.

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