Painted shop fronts

In case you were wondering what this shop sells...

In a place where photographs are considered fancy and illiteracy is an issue, a good way to advertise whatever you want to sell is to get an artist to paint a picture of it on the front of your establishment. All around town you see such paintings, sometimes elaborate and sometimes rudimentary, on store fronts and concrete walls.

The ones for the corner shops are not too surprising – not unlike a 7-11 or off-license back home, the “window” front (or wall front, to be more accurate) displays the brands of soda you can buy and reminds you to top up your mobile phone there.

But where things really start getting amusing (and sometimes slightly scary) is when they advertise things like medical and dental services. Let’s just say I really hope I don’t need any dental work done while I’m living here. Check out a few confidence-inspiring examples below.

A cosmetic surgery clinic for women with abnormally large asses.

A dentist for people with an exceptional number of teeth.

Hmm, are these FDA-approved?

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