Somali spiced tea

Want some tea with your milk and sugar?

Somaliland being a Muslim country, people don’t drink alcohol and it isn’t available anywhere. Instead, if people want to socialize over a drink, they do so over a cup of tea (or coffee). “They” usually means men, as you don’t see too many women sitting around in the few cafes and restaurants.

The Somali tea is black tea flavoured with different spices such as cardamom pods, cinnamon sticks, whole cloves, fresh ginger slices, and nutmeg, which are all cooked together in a kettle on the stove top. A generous helping of sugar is then added, making the tea very sweet. Often times (but not always) quite a bit of milk is also added. It is not too different from Indian chai.

Some people find it sickeningly sweet, but I dig it. And there’s even a little tea shack just down the road that does home delivery, so you can enjoy a Thermos of hot tea in the living room.

2 Responses to “Somali spiced tea”

  1. farhiyo Says:

    wa shidantahay, (you cool). can’t believe you like are tea, i have to say it’s hard to drink normal tea afterwards, because somali tea is sweet.

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